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10 Day Self Practice Reflection

Thank you for joining me on my Live Self Practice 10 Day Challenge (17-26 June 2020), in real time or through the recording post event. I am grateful to have this opportunity and capacity to offer this to you. 🙂

I myself am keeping well, managing the shifts and transitions, observing my learning and growth, adapting and staying ‘flexible’ in general.

In this letter, I would like to share a recorded Summary and Reflection of the spontaneous sequencing of each day’s practice, and how my practice is both my source of nourishment and also my refuge. My practice draws inspiration from various sources, and mostly through self inquiry. Commitment and joy, trust and willingness, honesty and kindness govern my practice in each moment. And more importantly to stay loyal to my higher allegiance and inner wisdom. There are many moments of PAUSE to observe and reflect throughout practice, therefore allowing and respecting responses at my own pace. Would love to hear from you if you have watched or practised with me here.

It is my sincere intention to continue support, share, inspire and challenge your commitment towards a dedicated self practice beyond these 10 days.

Time stamp for 10 Day Self Practice Summary

Day 1 - 06:21 (Crossed Belt Recalibration / Headstand)

Day 2 - 09:50 (Head to Tail Connectivity / Handstand)

Day 3 - 12:37 (Navel Radiation Practice and Connectivity)

Day 4 - 14:38 (Spinal Flossing & Posterior Chain Opening)

Day 5 - 17:05 (Peanut Tension Release / Hip Series and more)

Day 6 - 20:48 (Physiological Flexion Extension / Balancing Series - Wakeme and Walking Asana)

Day 7 - 23:50 (Flow Sequence / Navasana for Imbalances / Full Wheel)

Day 8 - 27:25 (Fluidity / Figure 8 / Surya Namaskar / Balancing with Vrksasana and Vira III)

Day 9 - 32:03 (Head Wrap Blindfold for #Interoception)

Day 10 - 35:45 (Shoulder & Upper Back Focus / Inversion Series with Chair)

If you have missed the Self Practice sessions... I have them uploaded on my YouTube Channel. They are for you, hopefully to invite conversation and to provide support / inspiration. You may subscribe for new video releases.

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