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The Art of Teaching

Welcome to the Art of Teaching Continuity Classes with Adelene Cheong

An exclusive curriculum on the Art of Teaching online course with Donna Farhi.

It is an honour and joy to witness and be part of Donna’s yoga journey for the past two decades, and now having the opportunity to share some of my perspectives and experiences with you here. The intention of these classes are to support teachers in observing and inquiring into a pedagogy of practising and teaching, in continuity to integrate the process on Donna’s Art of Teaching online course.

These themed classes often begins with a guided inquiry, and encourages one’s curiosity and exploration to dive into a personal process. Classes are inspired by my interest and experience with spinal health (especially with scoliosis) from BMC® somatic approach, Restorative Yoga and iRest® Yoga Nidra. Through sensing and feeling, with introduction to some Basic Neurocellular Patterns, navigating between stability and mobility, each practice is an invitation to restore and reconnect to one’s innate wisdom. The pace of the practice is ‘your pace’, where there will be space for PAUSES, reflection and integration. ​Let’s begin as we are.

  • Co-inquiry embodied approach

  • Experiential vs instructional, to build trust and confidence

  • Encourages self reflection

  • Safe space for exploration and creativity 

  • Time for personal process

  • Reclaiming self agency (trust and confidence)​ ​


Classes are hosted on Zoom Online, based on UK time (Time Zone Converter).
Simply click on the intended class below to register, or to receive practice recording after. Recordings are available for access till 21 November 2021. There will be space for Q&A during the last 15 mins of each class, which will be livestream only. This section will not be recorded to protect participants’ privacy.

Friday 03 September, 8:00-9:30am (UK)

Tension Release 
Friday 01 October, 8:00-9:30am (UK)

Spinal Integration 
​Friday 29 October, 8:00-9:30am (UK)​

These classes are highly inquisitive in nature, where principles for exploration are shared to support free form and flow. The focus is to navigate our practice through proprioception and interoception, the secret to spinal health and longevity. We shall explore various support structures with postures and movements themed around spinal integration to the whole, to restore and rehabilitate, to recalibrate and regenerate. Suitable for asymmetries and scoliosis.

PREPARATION for Zoom online class:

Step 1: Prepare your space, a yoga mat and some props (an eye pillow, 2x blocks, 2x bolsters and cushions, 3-4 blankets).
Step 2: Setup your device to have full view of your mat with 2’ space around your mat.
Step 3: ‘Join Zoom Meeting’ and let’s begin. 

More AOT Continuity Classes

Donna has invited myself and few other colleagues to offer these classes in support of her AOT course. I highly recommend joining Karla, Lisa and Neal in their offerings, an opportunity to access various approaches, voices and experiences whilst you are here.

​Return to Donna’s AOT Continuity Class page here.

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