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Embodied Relax and Restore

A 35 hour Intermediate Restorative Yoga Training. Pre-recorded for Self Paced Learning.

An in depth somatic and neurological recalibration, regeneration and repatterning. A process based approach to integrate, to live and to be Restorative Yoga. ​

Embodied Relax and Restore is opened to Certified Relax and Restore Level 1 or Level 2 practitioners. It is intended to refine the practice and teaching of Restorative yoga from a somatic approach. Each module may be taken in any order. There will be a Certificate of completion once all modules are fulfilled. Open to students and teachers who are interested in Restorative and therapeutic practices.

Module 1: Cellular Restoration (~6 hrs)
Module 2: Somatic Restoration (~6 hrs)
Module 3: Pratyahara (~6 hrs)
Module 4: The Mind of Restorative Yoga (~6 hrs)
Module 5: Embodiment and Integration (~6 hrs)
Module 6: One-to-one Mentorship (5 hrs) - Privately Scheduled

"Thank you for this experiential teaching on cellular breathing.
It was presented in a clear,  accessible and methodical way. Your presenting this course has truly demonstrated how powerful it is to practice on the subtle level, which added another level and dimension to Restorative Yoga."
​~ Berenice Wurz-Smith

Module 1: Cellular Restoration (6 hrs)

A guided meditative practice journeying into the depth of our cellular consciousness. This is a healing practice for the cells individually and collectively, to restore health and vibrancy, to encourage flow of Prana (life force), to observe stillness within our being. #painmanagement #inflamation #tensionrelease #pranaflow #jointhealth

Cellular Restoration is a process of accessing the basic level of living existence. It is to support the body in healing and restoring from chronic tension and pain, stuck-ness felt physically or experienced emotionally. It is an intimate experience within oneself. Cellular Restoration redefines the depth of Restorative yoga practice, to be present with the texture and quality of the body composition whilst being supported in poses, to observe healthy relationships, to reconnect with the Consciousness within oneself.

​In this module, we shall explore:

  • Cellular consciousness

  • Cellular breathing

  • Cellular vibration

  • Cellular touch

Adelene introduces Restorative yoga at a cellular level as a key component on her Advanced Relax and Restore (Level 2) training, and this course takes a step further into the embodiment of it all. Explore the joy of bringing the whole body online through conscious quiescence and stillness, breath and meditation.

Module 2: Somatic Restoration (6 hrs)

Somatic is pertaining and encompassing the physical body. In yoga with reference to the Annamaya within the five kosha. We may have experienced that physical body comfort or pain directly affects how the autonomic nervous system responses, whether one is able to relax or not. (More about neuroscience and the nervous system in module on Pratyahara.)

Somatic Restoration focuses on the experience of ease and comfort for the physical body for deep rest. Learn therapeutic principles, adaptations and refinement of the practice.  There will be guided exploration on how breath responses to comfort and ease, or when there is discomfort and pain. 

This online workshop includes:

  • The process of observing and witnessing

  • Recognising the experience of comfort

  • Breath as response

  • Regulating tissue tone and tension

  • Supporting physical injuries, asymmetries or imbalances for Rest

​Adelene incorporates a somatic approach towards Restorative yoga. This adds another dimension to the practice, a much needed perspective for those who are interested to dive deeper into the art and science of Deep Conscious Rest. ​

Module 3: Pratyahara (6 hrs)

What is your experience with the state of Pratyahara? What is Pratyahara? Why is Pratyahara essential within the practice of Restorative yoga? How do we observe and ‘practice’ Pratyahara?

Pratyahara is a conscious state where the practitioner restores and returns to a non-reactive state towards stimulus. It is a place when the ego no longer takes interest, or lack ambition to entertain or be entertained by stimulus gathered by the senses.

In this workshop, we shall embody and refine our senses, explore how senses interact with stimulation. There will be guided practices to observe our perceptions and responses. Reconnecting and navigating this allows us to naturally fall back into the state of stillness, ie. Pratyahara. 
Content includes:

  • Inquiry based practices 

  • Refine senses and observe perception

  • The function of sensory receptors and motor response

  • The Somatic Nervous System, and relation to the Autonomic Nervous System

  • Application to Restorative yoga to effect Deep Rest

The state of Restoration is enhanced when there is conscious discrimination from stimulation. Let’s unpack this together.

Module 4: The Mind of Restorative Yoga (6 hrs)

The body is fully supported, and ready to relax. There are times when the mind then begins to wander, maybe occasionally or maybe wildly active. What is going on with the busy and noisy mind during Restorative practice. What is and how do we attempt to quiet the mind, and to stay present for Rest? 

Inspired by the iRest® Yoga Nidra model, we shall explore approaching and processing experiences through somatisation. There will be guided practices focusing on grounding somatic experience of the physical body as raw expressions of the self, and this is often before the cognitive activity takes place.

This module explores:

  • Tips and approaches when the mind is noisy

  • Ego, Attachment and Aversion (Raga Dvesha)

  • The Present-Centered Default Mode Network (PCDMN) vs Default Mode Network

  • Somatisation and grounding practices

  • Appropriate application of Yoga Nidra practices

Restorative yoga reconnects and restores the practitioner to the innate meditative state of being. It is simple, and it is possible.

Module 5: Embodiment and Integration (6 hrs)

‘REST as a default state of Being.’ ~ Adelene Cheong

As we dive deeper into the practice of Restorative yoga, there come a moment where one realises that Rest is purely an essential response towards self regulation for health and well being, and that it is an act of Love for self and others.
This is when we gradually modulate our dependencies on the external teacher, we trust our practice and ourselves more, when we feel confident with adapting poses and using props creatively. We learn to reconnect and reacquaint with the state of Rest and ease as Restorative yoga. 

This module explores:

  • Refining the quality of Rest and Restorative yoga

  • Experiential practices, and restoring homeostasis as sustainable default

  • Embodiment of Restorative yoga

  • Guided Self Reflections and Integration into life and living

  • Renewed perspective and relationship with Rest and Stillness

We practice Restorative yoga, we experienced the potency and Joy of the practice, we share Restorative yoga, we let go into being Restorative yoga. May the essence of Restorative yoga be your default state in each moment.

Module 6: One-to-one Mentorship (5 hrs)

Passion and desire towards self study and development is a virtue of a dedicated yoga practitioner. We come to this work for our students, for our loved ones, for people around us and the world, and mostly for ourselves. ​

As a practitioner and teacher of yoga, Adelene has experienced the value, support and guidance from her mentors from very early on in her yoga journey. This has been a keystone to her development and growth.

Therefore, this part of the training is just that… it is about you and your yoga. The intention is to support your practice and teaching, to query areas that requires input or clarification, to discuss your relationship with ethics and finances, to explore options in navigating your yoga endeavour, to stimulate growth and creativity, and more…

Mentoring sessions are:

  • About supporting you and your teaching, your yoga journey

  • Opportunity for specific discussions and clarifications on the training

  • To explore specific modifications, sequences, teaching approach etc.

  • To be seen, heard and witnessed 

  • Private and confidential

These mentorship meetings may take part over several online sessions in a one-to-one setting. Within 6 months period, you are welcome to arrange a convenient date and time with Adelene.

Recommended props: [Trust that you know what props you need for personal practice]

£660 for Embodied R&R Training (All 6 modules)

Include 30 days access to recordings.

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