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Yoga Nidra

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation practice. It is a life affirming process of waking up and reconnecting to one’s True Nature. That which has never been injured or lost, that which is infinitely present in Pure Awareness. Meditation is a state where the body (physical, energy, emotional, mental) restore to deep rest or sleep, whilst Remembering therefore Reconnecting to the conscious state of Being Aware.

Life offers a myriad of experiences, which may be interesting and entertaining, pleasant and some times less so, pleasurable and painful, and often ignite one's desires and aversions. During iRest® Yoga Nidra practice, one is reminded of an ever present Inner Resource as an anchor, to ground, to feel safe and peaceful, to take refuge and rest. This practice is designed to be trauma-sensitive, and to offer as much space and pace for healing and growth. This is a practice of Being.

There is nothing mysterious about Yoga Nidra meditation. It is a ‘navigation system’ to consciously reconnect with Pure Being as it already is. It is an intimate personal journey, coming home to Self. This is a process of Remembering.


"Meditation is recognition of what is already the case.
What we find at the end is already here at the beginning."

- iRest® Founder, Richard Miller, PhD


Why Yoga Nidra?

  • To Rest in Awareness

  • To heal

  • To grow

  • To wake up

  • To reconnect

  • To remember

  • To integrate life

  • To fall back into Awareness itself... Pure Awareness.

Through the ancient wisdom of yoga and backed by extensive research by the IRI (iRest Institute), the 10 step protocol navigates us to meet and greet, heal and regenerate, welcome and integrate our human experiences, at our own pace, as messengers, where we gradually dis-identify the self (human ego) from the SELF (universal consciousness). It is about humility and honesty, courage and clarity to meet what is. This is an invitation to Awakening.

iRest® 10 Steps Protocol

  1. Connection to Heart Felt Desire

  2. Set an Intention

  3. Establish Inner Resource

  4. Experience the Physical Body (Annamaya)

  5. Awareness of Breath (Pranayama)

  6. Meeting Emotions (Manomaya)

  7. Observing Thoughts / Believes / Memories / Imaginations etc. (Vijnanamaya)

  8. Experience Joy (Anandamaya)

  9. State of Being-ness within Awareness

  10. Reflection and Integration

"Connecting to one's heart felt desire is the roadmap home."
- Adelene Cheong

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