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Relax and Restore: Restorative Yoga Online Educational Series

Relax and Restore Educational Series are online video compilations of Restorative Yoga poses.
It aims to support and deepen the understanding of each pose, to be used as educational and training reference, to inspire and support one's continued practice, teaching and development.

Suitable for students of Restorative Yoga, dedicated practitioners who are interested to take this practice in depth to the next level, as well as teachers and therapists who may include this practice for healing and therapy.

Introduction to Relax and Restore Series

Introduction to Restorative Yoga practice, theory and definition, the application in today's modern lifestyle. This video also introduces the Relax and Restore series, as an educational support for the practice of Relaxation and Rest.

​Guidelines How To Use These Videos

To fully benefit from these videos, and to support your learning experience, please watch this Guideline prior to the videos of poses. These videos are intended to be educational, to understand adaptations and appropriateness, where the format and structure is being explained, as well as instructions to use a timer etc.​

Introduction To Props

Learn various props available and applicable in a Restorative practice, folding of blankets, block positions, recommended yoga strap, varying sizes and shapes of bolsters etc.

Head Support

This is a short video on how to support the head (neck and shoulders) in Basic Savasana and various Restorative poses. The intention is to soothe the nervous system, and to rest deeply.

Watch and understand the three key reasons for supporting the head in this demonstration video.

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