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My Story

Image by Nathan Dumlao
Adelene Cheong
Yoga Practitioner, Student, Teacher, and Trainer

(E-RYT / YACEP / SYT / BWY Teacher / Adv R&R® Trainer / Certified iRest® Teacher / IDME / SME)

A practitioner, a student, a teacher and trainer of yoga... Adelene feels blessed to be on this path with many who seek love, peace and stillness. Through yoga, Adelene reconnects to being truly integrated in life and all it has to offer.

Having been diagnosed with a progressive S-curve scoliosis at age 13, some physical activities were limited within, and outside school. She was not very active in her growing up years, and experienced chronic back pain, which was possibly exacerbated by increasingly sedentary when she started college. When she was told that she may be confined to using a wheelchair should the condition deteriorate, and may have to be bed-ridden for the second half of pregnancy should she become pregnant, life ahead seemed bleak and painful. It was emotionally and mentally devastating.

Adelene met yoga in her early twenties. She studied, explored, committed to her practice therapeutically and dedicatedly for years. She is now more active then ever before, manages her back condition with confidence, and reinvented life for herself. There has been a positive regression observed and confirmed with medical records, and more importantly, she feels positive and motivated by her condition. Adelene now enjoys horse-riding, scuba diving, all season hiking, running and indoor climbing.

Adelene's Approach to Yoga Practice and Teaching

​The physical practice for Adelene continues to unfold organically from moment to moment. She draws inspiration through an inquiry-based somatic approach, intelligent movement principles, and healthy integrated alignment. Meditation and Yoga Nidra remain a major part of her daily practice.

Adelene believes in supporting and guiding her students to unveil their fullest potential, through embodiment and experiential learning. She is particularly interested in the therapeutic applications of yoga. Her classes and workshops are educational and exploratory, reflective and empowering.

Having spent over 20 years being curious about Yoga, Adelene gathered and learned, did extensive research and study, through experiential practices and exploration, she has improvised a non-invasive approach to practising and living with scoliosis. This is now offered in a 30 hours Intensive (in-person), and a 10 module Programme (online). As a leading Yoga for Scoliosis and Restorative Yoga Trainer, she is absolutely committed to a balance of movement-based asana, Restorative practices, meditation and a healthy responsible lifestyle.
Adelene has been and still is a long-time student apprentice to Judith H. Lasater (Senior Assistant) and Donna Farhi (Senior Associate), with whom she continues to study. Her practice and teachings are also greatly inspired by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (BMC) and Richard Miller (iRest). She has deep GRATITUDE towards all her teachers past and present who have supported her growth, where she finds inspiration in serving and sharing yoga through teaching.

Based in London, Adelene teaches internationally, with a special interest in Somatic Movements, Infant Developmental Movements, Yoga for Scoliosis / Backcare, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra meditation. She is a trainer and mentor on various reputable Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Programmes.

Om Shanti 🙏🏼

​Read interviews and publications on Adelene‘s journey and inspiration:
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My Journey with Scoliosis. My Journey to Yoga. My Journey Home. - June 2020
Two-part video where Adelene spoke about scoliosis as she was growing up, her experiences with pain, physical, emotional and mental challenges. How she came to yoga and her approach to practising and living with scoliosis, and since teach yoga as her passion and dharma.

Adelene's teaching always provides me with new insights. Her deep knowledge and warm presence are truly inspiring.

Kirsi Saivosalmi, Finland

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