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Infant Developmental Movement Education


Do you have questions about your baby’s health and development?

Are you interested to know more about Natural Developmental Progression?

Are there any concern that you wish to discuss, or need support?

 are you managing your personal growth together with your infant?

What is Infant Developmental Movement Education (IDME)?

IDME is about supporting and facilitating your baby’s NATURAL development (physically, emotionally and neurologically). The approach is gentle, and much importance is placed on respecting the infant’s growth experience. The process and the pace are very much led by both the infant and you.


These sessions are also dedicated to the parent or carer, a safe space to share experiences and to ask questions. In fact, it is most conducive to have the parent or carer observing and participating together. These sessions are very much for both the carer and the infant.


IDME sessions also offers holistic early intervention, to support the baby in exploring and reaching their fullest developmental potential. This may be especially helpful where there are concerns on developmental incompletions, delays, regression.


WHO is this for?

  • Infants from neonate to ~12 months, together with parent, carer or educator.

  • May also be very helpful for infants with developmental delay, or challenges.


WHY IDME? HOW are these sessions helpful?

  • To understand and embody the infant’s experience, and to offer and facilitate the infant in exploring choices to be in the world. 

  • To offer an unconventional perspectives, and opportunity to learn about the infant’s developmental process.

  • Allow early intervention of specific developmental needs for the infant.

  • To observe and support the infant’s experiential learning process, through repetition, trial and practice. The intention is to facilitate the infant’s completion in his / her developmental process.

  • To be at the pace and space of the infant, respecting the autonomy of the infant. 

  • To support the infant in learning how to self-regulate and build nervous system resiliency. 

  • To reflect and learn ways to model self-regulation, restoration and stillness for the infant, a sustainable state of being in the world.

  • To be supported within the role as a carer / parent, selfcare - to be fully present and available for the infant and others around you.

  • A space to share your pregnancy and birth experience, to talk about your infant’s development, and to ask questions.

  • To have the Joy of observing and witnessing without an agenda, which respects the infant’s personal journey and exploration at his / her own ways and pace.


WHAT happens during the session?

  • There may be combination of observation and continuous assessments, facilitation and interactive play with infant where appropriate. 

  • Private sessions are usually ~45mins. It is ok if baby falls asleep, or when infant needs to feed. It is most important to take care of yours and the infant’s needs.

  • There may be use of toys / props in facilitating interactions and stimulation for the infant. The intention is to use as connection and interactions, co-regulation through interactions with toys by relating to the experience of play.

  • GENTLE Touch for somatic experiencing and education is very much an important aspect of development. All IDME practitioners are trained to offer respectful, gentle and non-intrusive contact.


Important Information

  • Sessions are not intended as child minding or baby sitting.

  • The session may end at any point should any party present do not feel comfortable or appropriate to continue.

  • Please consult trained specialist for information and advice on breast feeding, sleep training, or infant nutrition.


Please get in touch if you are curious and would like to discuss suitability for a session.

Click here if you are ready to book a Private Session.

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