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Somatic Movement Education

What is Somatic Movement Education?


Somatic Movement Education (SME) supports the individual in awakening and embodying the body and mind. Through mindfulness and self-inquiry practices, this is a conscious returning and reconnecting to nature and Being-ness.


Each practice may focus on one or a combination of systems (eg. musculoskeletal, ligament and joints, fluids, organs, endocrine, reflexes and more). From a holistic perspective, one may potentially feel more integrated in daily postures, movements, emotionally and mentally, living and being.


During a session, the facilitator or teacher holds space for the practitioner, and often would introduce a theme or focus area based on needs. This is an inquiry-based approach to explore positions and movements, which may be externally motivated or internally self suggested from moment to moment.


There may be hands-on touch facilitation where helpful. The practice invites the individual to stay present, to observe, to be curious, to be opened and receptive to what might be possible or sometimes unfamiliar. The intention is to restore optimal functionality and organisation of the whole, to unfold at one’s own pace. There is effortlessness in the process.


Somatic Movement Education offers an approach that is process-oriented, rather than goal-oriented, so to support and respect the flow and pace of healing, development, regeneration, optimal health and well-being for you.


This is an intimate journey of realising the relationship within self and with the world. It is living a meaningful and purposeful life with intention.


Please get in touch if you are curious. Click here if you are ready to book a Private Session.



"The mind is like the wind and the body like the sand.

If you want to know how the wind is blowing, you can look at the sand."
- Bonnie B. Cohen

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