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Magic of Savasana

Explore 7 Variations and Applications of Savasana
​Livestream Online Course

​Starts 09 July 2020

This course is a special compilation of learning, exploring and practising... Savasana. 
Do you ever wonder why Savasana is practised in every yoga class across styles and traditions? About its importance? What exactly happens in the body and mind during Savasana? Is there an ideal length of stay, and why? And how can we be comfortable in it? These are some of the topics that will be explored in this three-part series.
Savasana is one of the most widely practiced poses in yoga and considered the most important asana. It is often presented as a precursor to Pranayama and Meditation. For some, Savasana may be the most challenging asana; for others – the most natural. When practiced with awareness, Savasana is the most rewarding of all yoga poses. 
This online series uncovers the theory and principles of Savasana, which is seldom explained or talked about in classes. It is an act of courage to practise Savasana, to unplug from our distractions, addictions, habits, stress and the familiar. Learn how to access this powerful pose to restore optimal health physiologically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and consciously.
This course includes:

  • Lecture and discussion on Savasana

  • Three live online sessions via Zoom, with experiential practices

  • Introduction to 7 variations of savasana to meet varying needs and intention

  • Understand applications for each savasana, with adaptations and modifications

  • Downloadable Savasana Bundle (60 mins of Professional HD Video, worth £100)

There will always be one savasana for every person in each moment that is most appropriate and nourishing. Join Adelene for this Savasana deep-dive, to learn, to practice or teach Savasana with intention. Let’s explore this together on the mat. Let’s embrace the Magic of Savasana!


  • 1x yoga mat

  • 1x eye cover

  • 2x bricks

  • 2x bolsters

  • 4x blankets

SCHEDULE (UK Time, via Zoom Online)
Thursday 9 July, 4:00 - 6:00pm 
Thursday 16 July, 4:00 - 6:00pm
Thursday 23 July, 4:00 - 6:00pm


  • 3x Live Online Sessions + Savasana Bundle £125

  • 3x Live Online Sessions £75 (If you have previously purchased the Relax and Restore Series 1 or Savasana Bundle, you are welcome to join the three Live online sessions at £75.)

Magic of Savasana Online Course

£60.00 - £125.00

3 Weekly Sessions, Starts Thursday 09 July 2020

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