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A 35 hour Intermediate Restorative Yoga Training. Pre-recorded for Self Paced Learning.


An in depth somatic and neurological recalibration, regeneration and repatterning. A process based approach to integrate, to live and to be Restorative Yoga. ​


Embodied Relax and Restore is opened to Certified Relax and Restore Level 1 or Level 2 practitioners. It is intended to refine the practice and teaching of Restorative yoga from a somatic approach. Each module may be taken in any order. There will be a Certificate of completion once all modules are fulfilled. Open to students and teachers who are interested in Restorative and therapeutic practices.


Module 1: Cellular Restoration (~6 hrs)
Module 2: Somatic Restoration (~6 hrs)
Module 3: Pratyahara (~6 hrs)
Module 4: The Mind of Restorative Yoga (~6 hrs)
Module 5: Embodiment and Integration (~6 hrs)
Module 6: One-to-one Mentorship (5 hrs) - Privately Scheduled

Embodied Relax and Restore

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