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Yoga Nidra Online Course


Course starts 31 October @ Live Online via Zoom

Eight sessions over 4 weeks
1-2pm (UK) on following dates:
Tuesday 31 October / Friday 03 November
Tuesday 07 November / Friday 10 November
Tuesday 14 November / Friday 17 November
Tuesday 21 November / Friday 24 November

​May be the whole practice of yoga is about... LETTING GO.


Letting go of control, letting go of effort, letting go of attachments, letting go of relationships, letting go of the clinging to 'self' ego...

Why do most of us find 'letting go' so difficult, so scary, so painful, so devastating [the list continues...] Maybe we crave stability and familiarity, maybe we are afraid of changes, maybe we worry about the unknown and uncertainties, maybe we are only human!? Many of us believe we could exert CONTROL. To plan, to build walls around the future, to restrict and control the undesirables, to avoid uncertainties. Does this resonate?


Pause and imagine for a moment, that you could open up and let go into the present moment experience [whatever that might be, pleasant or otherwise]. What happens? When was the last time where you could and would open your heart fully to the unknown? What is holding you back?

In this course, we shall discuss the idea and practice of LETTING GO, to be fully present with NOW. Yes, there are going to be myriad of emotions, beliefs will be challenged, dreams may take another direction. Yes, we will have the courage and tenacity to let go of what no longer serve us or support our health and well-being. Yes, it is a choice to stay present with what is. 

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a meditative state between wakefulness and sleep. This may be the closest moment we can be connected and conscious of one’s True Nature… Awakened wisdom. This course is intended to remind us that we are whole and abundance from birth. That experiences are transient, that it is a choice to meet, greet and welcome each experience as a messenger. ​The course schedule is such that each session progresses and builds upon the previous session, intended to support one's committed practice and learning of Yoga Nidra meditation in your personal space and sanctuary.

iRest® Yoga Nidra is a secular, inquiry based, trauma sensitive approach. Participants will be supported on this course through lecture, facilitated Yoga Nidra practices, discussions and email support following each session. This is a practice that reminds us, reconnect us, and awaken us from klesas (unconscious human conditioning). This facilitated meditation is usually practised in a restful lying down position, may also be received and met in sitting, or any posture that is comfortable and effortless. 

Through deep rest and meditation, we shall meet ourselves exactly where we are. A nourishing practice to support our physical, emotional and mental well being. A deeper connection with ourselves. A return to inner wisdom and Self awakening. A declaration of our True Nature. 💝

Are you ready and willing explore LETTING GO?
✔️ Discourse and discussion, space for Q&A

✔️ Explore restful and relaxing postures/positions for meditation
✔️ Eight guided Yoga Nidra meditation practices
✔️ Audio recordings to support your home practice
✔️ Be in community with others within a supportive environment

* Adelene highly recommends a consistent Restorative practice, and as a precursor to meditation. Restorative is necessary for Relaxation and Deep Rest to not only restore and rejuvenate, and often reconnect one to a sense of calm and stillness. Join the Monthly Rest XL online with Adelene. 

PRICE £150 (includes eight Yoga Nidra practice recordings)

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