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Module #1: Every Beginning 🙂


At the BEGINNING of each practice each day...
✨ How am I (this moment)?
✨ Where am I (now), and where am I intending to go?
✨ Why set an intention?
✨ Am I ready to meet myself where I am (with honesty and humility)?

This module is about meeting ourselves where we are at the start of each practice, and each day. Learning skills to observe, assess, and approach. This is an invitation to your physical, emotional and mental being to be present, to be open to the process of change. Are you ready?

  • Guided tools for self assessment

  • ‘Weather reading’ to begin

  • To refine observation skills

  • To set or renew intention

This workshop is open to those working therapeutically or interested in practising from a place guided by honesty and aspiration. 🙏🏼


Module #2: Breathing 😤


This module introduces breath as the vehicle of life force Prana. Breath as an underlying vibration and vibrancy of living and being. This is a conscious practice of external and internal breathing, a meditative process of restoration, a key component in yielding.

  • Guided breath practices

  • Restore and reset internal rhythm

  • To improve and re-organise imbalances within the respiratory function

  • To establish yielding for optimal rejuvenation and support

When an imbalanced is presented, breath is often disrupted, or functioning with less than optimal efficiency. This inhibition or restriction may affect physical and mental health and wellbeing. In this workshop, we invite conscious breathing for physiological and energetic harmony. The intend is to refine awareness to the quality of the breath, externally and internally as a vehicle to nourish and restore equilibrium. There will be practices to access lung capacity and efficiency, therefore more balance in posture and state of mind. 🥳


Module #3: Pain Management 💊


This module focuses on relieving and managing pain and discomfort. To slow down and to stay attentive to the language of the body, arising and dissolving in time. To improved flexibility through attentive releasing of imbalance tension.  This is a delicious process of sensing and feeling, a proactive engagement for managing tightness, restrictions, aches and pains.

  • Understand the language of the body

  • Sensory intelligence

  • Practices for tension release and tone modulation

  • Rehydrating organ and muscle tissue

Pain and strain is depleting for some, and impeding natural movements and functions for others.

In this workshop, we explore sensing and sensation.
We explore how to interact with and respond to information through the language of the body.
We meet our body with compassion and kindness for healing. 🤕


Module #4: Proprioceptive Awareness 🧭


The focus of this class is to enliven and enhance one’s sensitivity and awareness within and around. It is a necessary component for retaining and sustaining healthy postures and information within the mind-body network. When proprioception is well established, the mind body may potentially register the balance between stability and mobility more sensitively. There is often less effort in having to work hard or sustain healthy daily posture, whilst supporting ease in movements.

  • Explore relationship to ground, gravity, and space

  • Deepen connection through external and internal referencing

  • Redefine relationship to self and the world

  • Taking practice off the mat into your day



Module #5: Mental and Emotional Resilience 🤯


This module discusses the mental and emotional impact of living with scoliosis. How and why this may promote or inhibit the process for healing and re-patterning. With references to Patanjali Yoga Sutra – attachment Raga and aversion Dvesha, we will practice and reflect for deeper understanding, and possibly shifting perspectives that may have an impact on practising and living with scoliosis.

  • Process and support in shifting perspective

  • Reflection and journaling

  • Yoga Nidra / meditation practice

  • Bringing yoga philosophy to life



Module #6: Rest and Relaxation 🦥


This module emphasises the essential nature and need for Rest. Appreciating the physical challenges of living with scoliosis are often accompanied by emotional and mental stress, the nervous system is constantly navigating between activation and relaxation response. Rest is an act of self care, self preservation and self empathy. Rest is a consolidation process. Rest offers resolution in each moment. Let’s take a PAUSE here and now.

  • Understand and observe the physiology of relaxation

  • Restore and recalibrate the physical body, with adapted practice for scoliosis

  • Relaxation for mental and emotional resilience

  • Recharge and rejuvenate for energetic harmony



Module #7: Building a Daily Practice 🧘🏻‍♀️


I can’t emphasise enough the importance of a consistent self practice in living and managing scoliosis. This module offers guidance to sequencing a nourishing practice, that is appropriate for each day and each moment. Practice for spinal hygiene, practice for health, practice for positive vibes, practice for longevity.

  • Sequencing with Musculoskeletal Re-patterning Model (MRM)

  • Absolute empowerment

  • Self practice with confidence

  • Practical help and guide to maintain a consistent and reliable practice.



Module #8: Core Strengthening 💪🏼


Stability precedes movement. This module is about developing strength for stability. It is when there is stamina to stabilise and support, that movement may be expressed with ease. The focus here is in developing resilience, balance and harmony in the muscle activation as a collective whole. Improve functionality requires building strength with attention to imbalances.

  • Guided practice for core strengthening and balancing series

  • Learn breath that supports core stability

  • Explore balance between stability vs mobility

  • Understanding and observing thresholds to avoid injury



Module #9: Postures and Positions 🚶🏻‍


This module takes practising with scoliosis off the mat into daily activities, including sleeping positions which contributes to one-third of the day. There will be discussion and practical exploration of habitual postures, and repetitive movements or positions.

  • Understand postures and position in relation to gravity

  • Explore standing, walking, sitting and more

  • Sleeping positions for scoliosis

  • Practices to introduce and retrain postures

It is only when one restores optimal harmony through integrating Postures and Positions in our movement functionality and daily activities that the story is now complete. 



Module #10: Flow & Fluidity 🌊


Energy flow focuses on fluidity and continuity in expressing movement from and through the spine (structurally and energetically). It is a practice to encourage Prana (energy flow) through movements and during rest. It is to free up any blockages that inhibits healthy postures and optimal movements.

  • Somatic connection with fluids and fluidity

  • Cultivates creativity and trust

  • Revive energy flow Prana

  • Express movement with ease and poise. No effort!

This module invites FLOW and fluidity within and beyond. Experience practising with the global body in harmony and synchronicity, just like bringing all instruments together in forming an orchestra. This is where transitions between postures are respected as part of movement expression. The continuity of multi-dimensional movement at ease. In this practice, despite asymmetry within the structure, observe strength without rigidity, fluidity without flaccidity, simply poise and balance between ease and effort. 

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