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Yoga for Scoliosis Fundamentals

In Person / 30 hour Intensive
Next date TBC

The word scoliosis may be widely used to define a structural dysfunction of the spine, but Adelene believes there is more to it than a physical challenge. There are often unspoken and unacknowledged mental and emotional needs for one living with scoliosis. Through years of training, self-study, research, practice and teaching, Adelene has positively managed and improved her condition. This is an intensive where she shares her unique approach to practicing and living with scoliosis.
This 30-hour intensive offers comprehensive theory and experiential practice through yoga asana, breathing practices, inquiry-based learning, reflections, lectures and discussions. Participants are encouraged to explore creative ways to practice with scoliosis, listening and adapting from moment to moment, re-patterning through intelligent sensory acumen. This practice approach has been experienced by thousands of students internationally over the past decade.
​Highly recommended for those living with scoliosis, for teachers, therapists and professionals who are interested in working therapeutically with physical imbalances. Adelene has carefully structured the content to facilitate a supportive environment for learning and growth with respect to one’s personal journey.

Over 30 hours of study and practice of:

  • Anatomy & Physiology of Scoliosis

  • Assessment for Scoliosis

  • Sensory & somatic intelligence

  • Proprioceptive recalibration

  • Musculoskeletal Re-education Model (MRM)

  • Intelligent Movement Principles (inspired by Donna Farhi)

  • Variations to adapt and personalise

  • Sequencing a practice

  • Modifications and adjustments

  • Integration to daily posture and activities (eg. stand, sit, walk, sleep etc.)

  • Restorative practices for healing and rejuvenation

It is recommended to attend at least 5 modules from the Yoga for Scoliosis Programme Online prior to joining the Yoga for Scoliosis Fundamental Intensive (30 hour). This training qualifies for CPD with YogaAlliance CEP and YAP. Students with post-spinal surgery or spinal fusion are welcome. Pregnant students  are encouraged to work privately one-to-one.

OPTIONAL Post-training Support / Fundamental Teacher Certification (Additional fee of £120)

  • Completion of ALL 30 contact hours of training

  • Project:

    1. Journal on self-practise inspired by content of the intensive;

    2. Teach three private yoga sessions to a student with scoliosis;

    3. Three Qs for learning and reflection

  • Option for Private Sessions online with Adelene at 50% discount for 6 months from training date, for continuous support

  • Option to observe / assist Adelene on classes and events

  • Option to be listed on directory for community support and referrals

Price: £680
(Option for Post-training Support & Certification, £120 cash to be paid by last day of training.)

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