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Reflecting on my new year...

This year, this day, this moment is very special and it will not repeat itself in this life time.

Having just watched the movie 'Jupiter Ascending', a quote strike my heart...

'Time is the single most precious commodity in the universe.'

Therefore choose to live with awareness, to consciously make choices in life that support life's purpose. For me, appreciating and committing time on the mat, time serving yoga, time for loved ones and my sangha, time to forgive myself and others, time to rekindle broken relationships. A resolution to choose wisely where and how I invest my time and energy today. We all have this innate strength and capacity, only if we are willing and open to it.

Questions for reflection:

How / what do you spend most of your time? Would you like to have more or less of this in your life?

Is there anything you would like to invest more time / energy moving forward?

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