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Savasana is LOVE ?

At this moment, I am thinking about many yoga studios all over the world, where doors are gradually opening to welcome us back... I am thinking about the yoga community, teachers and students who are cautiously considering how to return to practise in person safely... I am thinking about you, if you are keeping well and feeling settled... I am thinking about myself, all experiences during these past months, opportunities and discomforts, do I feel safe to welcome tomorrow?

It is admirable to observe many of you transitioning and adapting well in these past months. Whilst it pains my heart to observe many who may be suffering with health, relationships and livelihoods during these challenging times. I am taking REST. I am taking solace and refuge in #Savasana every day.

When I take REST in #savasana, I reconnect with LOVE 💖. To me, Savasana is a declaration of LOVE. This Love I am referring to is the limitless unconditional LOVE, where only one could gift to oneself. It differs from the Love between parent and child, teacher and student, amongst kinship, friends, sangha, neighbours etc. It is an elixir of LOVE, always present within, and from me to me. Do you resonate?

There are many variations of Savasana, and I believe that there is always one savasana for every person in each moment that is most appropriate and nourishing. I want to explore this with you in this Savasana deep-dive, to learn, to practice and to teach Savasana with intention. Let’s embrace the Magic of Savasana!

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