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Let’s Heal the World! ?

I hear, I see and I feel this moment... greater awareness and change is needed. There are some segregated demographics and social groups more than others who needed the world’s long due attention.

Some of us are responding through words and declarations, whilst some through actions, activism, offering support in varying ways as we see today... all in hope for change, peace and harmony.

It has always been my heart felt longing to offer community and donation based classes since the beginning of my yoga journey. I am grateful to have yoga in my life, and I am here to support through action in a way I know how, and am able to. This is one for now...

RESTorative Hour: Live Online

​A Charity event hosted by The Hope Foundation UK in support to raise awareness about, and funds for, street-connected children and vulnerable communities in Kolkata, India.

Let’s heal the world, and grow together!🙏🏼

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