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' Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice. ' ~ Will Smith

In the past week, I experienced 'fear'. It was unpleasant. It was uncomfortable. I decided to sit with it for some moment. I then became curious how, what, when and why 'fear'. The experience sprung from a place of unknowing, the unknowing of the future that has yet arrived. It was attachment to the past, to status quo. Could it be the resistance to change or the speed of change? In yoga philosophy, this status or quality of being may be expressed as tamasic, meaning inertia or doubt, an imbalance of the Gunas.

Changes happen from moment to moment, and at times one may not feel comfortable with changes, or the speed of change itself. I recalled the quote from the movie After Earth (2013), and in my head I realise at that moment that fear is not real. It is my mind's anticipation and projection of the undesirable. Changes is imminent, but fear is a choice.

My reflection... most people project possible outcomes based on past experiences. I did. At that moment, I felt afraid of the speed of change. I stayed present, and rooted to the present moment, the present experience, and realise that 'fear' does not exist, it was 'changes' that is present. My choice now is the reaction to this 'change' in my life.

Questions for reflection:

Observe the next time you experience 'fear', are your thoughts in the past, present or future?

What is your strategy to root yourself to the present moment?

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