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Now... this is completely new to me. Not written a blog in my life. I am attempting... I am jumping off the cliff, to try something out of my comfort zone. At least I have an intention, to share, to be honest, to trust, and most importantly to connect with you through conversation and comments here.

It is often our preference to stay where we are, to be within familiar grounds, which provides consistency, security and comfort. I am curious. I open my heart and mind this morning, and find myself wondering how could I connect with a wider community, to share yoga and life, to offer my little self and SELF.

Today's lesson: Jump... jump off the cliff, try something new, break out of your comfort zone, open your heart and trust. Taste that purple drink from the smoothie bar, offer a hot drink to the homeless on the street instead of money, prepare your favourite dish and offer it to your neighbour, send your mum a gratitude card on your birthday, write a blog if you have not given it a try, give your mother-in-law a heart warming big hug and kiss... ok let's leave it at that. Let's jump, let's do this together!

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