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'Adelene, what style of yoga do you practice and teach?'

I have been, and I am sure you may have often been asked this question over a conversation about yoga. 'What style of yoga do you practice (or teach)?'

The intention for my movement practice is in restoring healthy functioning of the whole, an integrated expression of the being through physical exploration, the therapeutic aspects to promote well-being and vitality at every level. An inquiry-based somatic exploration practice that continues to unfold from moment to moment.

Some guiding principles of my practice are:

  • Refine Awareness

  • Observe moment to moment experiences

  • Sensing and Feeling

  • To express harmony throughout the body and breath

  • To respect my higher allegiance

  • Willingness to explore creatively

  • Meeting myself where I am in the moment, and be open to possibilities

​The above video clip is one of my morning practice this week, with the intention to restore and recalibrate breath-led movement patterns.

There is much observation, trust, intuition, openness, without pre-conceptual ideas or self-limiting beliefs. The breath and body synchronises movements through the energetic expression from one moment to the next. The state of mind is meditative, a deep self-inquiry.

Question for Reflection:

What 'style' of yoga do you practice?

What is your relationship with your practice?

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