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​Autumn has arrived... Winter soon to follow

Autumn, my favourite season... the season of letting go, and trust... trust that things will be ok. Allowing nature, allowing life to take its course. Gathering courage to move on without attachment to the warmth of summer. Dare the darkness and set foot into the unknown, just because it is yet to be known which keeps life interesting. As I settle into quietness, darkness and stillness, I surrender to the beauty and colour of autumn. Winter in a few months, honouring hibernation and rest, reflecting and diving deeper into solitude. Season to celebrate the passing of 2015. Deepest gratitude for another year gone by, which offers a spectrum of experiences that has enriched my life. I take refuge in spending extended period on my meditation seat. Reflection: What does autumn / winter mean to you? What does spring / summer mean to you? How could you embrace the seasons as a complete cycle of continuous transitions?

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