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Confusion ! ? ?

Confusion is an essential and invaluable mental movement within the process for change and growth.' - Adelene Cheong

Confusion arises when there is a mismatch between beliefs or past experiences and the perceived present occurrence.

For years, I often pushed away and regarded ‘confusion’ as a lack in focus, lack in mental fortitude or lack in mental resilience. It became apparent when I began to challenge my practice whilst drowning in confusion in the attempt to control scoliosis. Yes, it has been confusing to dissect the reason for chronic and acute fluctuations of sensations, whilst attempting to make sense of the anatomy, and simultaneously trying to figure out cognitively which part of my body requires isolating, strengthening, stretching or releasing. The issue is not in being confused, but the aversion towards the state of confusion.

Confusion often arises when one is faced with a conflicting and unfamiliar situation. This may be accompanied by the feeling of discomfort because of the unknown or fear of an undesirable outcome. Based on past experiences, memories, beliefs and learned behaviours, we may each have varying responses to deal with this unstable emotion.

Over the years, I have observed and noticed that this state of confusion is not random, that there is a pattern to its occurrence. I observed that every time I allowed myself to sit with the state of confusion, I noticed empathy...self-empathy. Following that, potential resolutions and possibilities arise. It took courage to acknowledged that it is okay and safe to welcome and entertain a new idea varying from my experience or belief. I soon recognised that the state of confusion is an impermanent movement for the arrival of potential for possibilities. When there is space for confusion to percolate, empathy and clarity arise.

May I invite you to explore and welcome confusion as a necessary process for growth (I promise that it is impermanent). To entertain the possibility that confusion may be an essential transition for change and birth of a new idea or possibility for healing and growth. To recognise and be present with the state of confusion 🤯.

This is an intensive which inquires into the infinite potential and expression within practising with an imbalance.

Namaste 🙏

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