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I am with you.

Happy New Year!

January came and went so quickly. Yoga studios and classes are often busy during this time of the year, as are our yoga teachers’ schedules. Perhaps some of us can relate to juggling life responsibilities, work commitments, a demanding schedule, time for family, time for self care etc.

In reviewing and putting in place my schedule and Rest Plan, I thought of you. This is how it has worked for me in recent years and I wanted to share my process with you. As always, I welcome your input, suggestions, and comments.

My list 📝:

✔️ Self care and nourishment ‘REST’

✔️ Time with family and friends

✔️ Personal development / trainings / study

✔️ Teaching commitments

✔️ Creative work and content writing

✔️ Time with my teacher - apprenticeship / assisting

✔️ Connecting with my sangha / peers

✔️ Engage in a new activity / adventure each year

✔️ Embark on a new project annually

✔️ Time with my BFF

✔️ Experiment new cooking recipes

✔️ Anything that reconnects me with JOY 🙂

✔️ ... (list goes on)...

Whether deciding between engaging in another new project or spending time with family, taking on another teaching event or going on a hiking trip away in nature, I ask myself one simple question- ‘Does what I am about to do / say / commit to bring me JOY?’

JOY may not necessarily mean that the task is easy, in fact some tasks may sometimes be tedious or hard work. More specifically, it is important that when engaging in this task that there is an instantaneous heartfelt JOY arising from within that makes the task a worthwhile endeavour. This assures me that I am moving and living in alignment with my dharma. This has to be supported with REST. As I have come to realise that when there is a lack or absence of REST, stress becomes a default response in varying situations, and can often prevent me from seeing clearly, disconnecting me from my heartfelt aspirations.

Therefore, based on priorities and as much as advanced planning affords me (outside of last minute, ad hoc obligations) I need to build REST, self care and self nourishment into my list in order to live a healthy, balanced, and fulfilled life. REST is non-negotiable. As I connect with my deepest heartfelt longing, a declaration of my life’s purpose, I attempt to structure what is possible and achievable to support my life’s aspiration. I know I have 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so does everyone else. I choose consciously and conscientiously where energy and resources are apportioned.

So yes, we all have a rather long to do list, schedule and commitments in the coming months. Would you consider including a conscious choice for REST in your calendar? Not when you have a moment in between tasks, but a scheduled committed REST. Consider something achievable on a day to day or weekly basis. Or perhaps, plan a day of REST every month, and take yourself to a personal retreat once a year. A plan that is achievable and that you commit to keeping.

I am with you.

​🙏 Adelene.

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