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Reflection on #Pandemic

How are you doing? It has been 2 months now.

My day has been a lot more self reflection, self care, self development, whilst equally offering, connecting, supporting others near and far. I have been offering weekly Live Conversations on Facebook and Instagram Live since staying at home. In honesty, these are offered with the intention equally to express myself, and to support and connect with you.

In one of my conversations, I shared my experience practising and living with #scoliosis. Practising and living with scoliosis has shifted my self-regard and perspective towards life. An opportunity and renewed hope for life and living that I may now share with others. (Scroll down for YouTube video)

This PASSING #pandemic has offered many the opportunity to look within and around. I have been taking time to PAUSE, to re-evaluate within myself, my teaching, about life and living... just like many of you. 🧐

’Where am I right now, and what am I committing to each day?’

’What is within my Circle of Influence, and how is my relationship and connection with others?’

This PASSING pandemic calls for FLEXIBILITY and ADAPTABILITY. I observe FEAR and uncertainties. I needed and allowed space to grieve... to grieve what is passing and no longer present in my life. Whilst aware of not dwelling and wallowing here for too long. To be adaptable is an act of COURAGE and RESILIENCE. 🧘🏼‍♀️

’Have I given myself time and space for self empathy?’

’Am I ready to open up to unfamiliarity, and to welcome and adapt?’

This PASSING pandemic will PASS. I have been preserving and persevering for a while now. I shall leave behind that which no longer serve me. I am free and ready, I shall move forward to the life I ASPIRE and ENVISION. ✏️

’What is my heart felt aspiration for this life time?’

’What are my priorities right now?’

May our yoga continue to nourish self and others.


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