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Friends and family often asked how I maintain my sanity and calm living in the midst of busy London, how I keep up my energy and inspiration teaching year after year. I rest... a lot! Over time (with pitfalls every now and then), I learned to recognise when I am short, when people around me begin to feel uneasy, that's where I would double check on my 'rest' barometer. Equally during those times when I hear myself 'This is not the best of me, I am not being myself.'. So in organising my calendar for the year in the last few weeks, I set aside periodic 'me-time' for personal retreat, for rest, for deep reflection and extended meditation. We all need regular scheduled 'me-time', to extract ourselves from the rat race momentarily, to being away from daily commitments, duties and responsibilities, to reset and reflect before resuming the multiple roles we take on. Questions for reflection: Would you consider scheduling 'me-time', to invest in your well being and sanity? What would be your plan to achieve this? Know that it is a choice... yours.

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