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Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga has been invaluable in my life and I belief in many of yours too. We agree that deep rest is not an option, it is what is required for balance living, health and peace. Though as much as we want to get on to the mat, to practice at home, some times we just needed some motivation, inspiration, and support to move along. Many whom I have met shared with me that they would put on youtube or an online yoga channel to practice, which is a good start. Therefore over the past year, I set myself a project to offer more quality online content directly to you. So in supporting you to develop a self-practice and further understanding of self-care through this practice, I have carefully designed the content and presented it in a 6-week online course. (hosted by Yogacampus)

The intention is to offer a step-by-step guide to understanding and practising Restorative Yoga, a great start to integrating Relaxation and Rest into one’s home practice as well as into general yoga classes for those who teach public or private classes. Through lectures, practice videos, quizzes and live forums, I invite you to join me in the comfort of your home on this journey to deep rest, health and peaceful living.

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