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Vulnerability - Fear vs Courage

In my recent retreat in the US, the theme we were discussing and practising was Vulnerability. Many online literature and books reference vulnerability as a feeling or emotion, eg. feel vulnerable. What is your relationship with the word Vulnerability? What experience do you have when you hear this word? [Pause for contemplation]

I have taken much time to contemplate, research, meditate on Vulnerability. My understanding and experience on this big word over years has taken its time to mature. It is my believe that Vulnerability refers to a situation where there is varying level of threat or danger present, where one may often react by raising their guard, being defensive or aggressive, possibly a feeling of aversion and disempowerment in an instant. These experiences may either be met by an emotional reaction of Fear and defeat, or an opportunity to learn and grow, eventually gaining confidence and Courage.

In my opinion, Vulnerability is not a feeling, it is when we attach an emotional reaction towards vulnerability that it brings about feeling of Fear or Courage. Now, whether this is the experience of everyone, maybe or maybe not, but I like how I feel when I conceptualise it this way. There is such fulfilment and empowerment in simply having the choice when faced with uncertainty, changes in life, and vulnerability.

When we take Savasana, it is with courage that we allow for vulnerability. In this moment, we consciously choose to trust, and to be open to possibilities. Savasana is embodied empathy. Thank you for hearing my thoughts, would love to hear yours.

Finally, may I share the story / metaphor presented in the below Huffingtonpost article. Enjoy the read!

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