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Yoga with Adelene Online

Moving on... I have adapted and am ready. Are you ready to get online with me?

In the past two weeks, I have been adapting to life at home. The ‘norm’ for a while... till further notice. Having more quality time with loved ones at home is wonderful, whilst sharing the same space ALL this time really brought my years of yoga practice to live. I needed personal space, physical and mental space, and I trust many of you feel the same.

I would go into my yoga room each day to take refuge. I get online to speak to friends, colleagues, peers and students. I even find myself writing reviews on Amazon, sending online messages to Amazon sellers, Zoom online support, bank enquiries, responding to interesting blog posts, just to list a few. I am writing this letter to connect with you. I need... we need support and connection as a community.

In answering that, I have put together a schedule of online classes and events to share, connect and spend time with you. Online learning is fun, and has definitely opened up a new dimension of learning and appreciation for personal pace and space. I am ready to meet you where you are. Are you ready to meet me across screens and devices, to share and practice together.

Here is one of the weekly conversations on FB Live from last Tuesday - How do I reorganise my day during this time.

To keep posted, please ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ me on Facebook (Yoga with Adelene Cheong), Instagram (@adeleneyoga), and sign-up to receive Yoga Inspiration and Support via email. Let’s do this together. Let’s share. Let’s inspire. Let’s connect. 👋🏼

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