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Continuing to Inspire and Support your Home Practice

Firstly, I wanted to express my gratitude for the participation and responses over this past month on my weekly online classes, and Tuesday Conversations on FaceBook and Instagram LIVE. It warms my heart to be able to continue connect with some of you from home. How are you doing? I would like to hear from you directly. [Please write / reply here.]

Few weeks ago, I was apprehensive about how well Live online yoga would work for me to facilitate teaching, practising and connecting across screens and devices. Although it does not replace sharing the space with you in person, which is energetically powerful, I reflected and recognised that there is indeed a special place for these online conversations and community practices and I am thankful for technology which has offered many of us to continue connecting in response to our current situation.

I am enjoying and embracing teaching with the support of these technologies more than I thought, and hope you feel the same. I foresee that this may potentially offer an additional channel for exchange, whilst taking into consideration our personal schedule and life’s commitments moving forward. It has definitely encouraged me to explore options in sharing yoga and life with you. 😃

With more online yoga offerings from various sources and channels, I thought it is an appropriate time to discuss about How To Teach / Practice Safely Online. I shared this conversation on FaceBook Live this week. We talked about setting an Intention, and staying true with it from a teaching and practising view point. Let me know what you think.

It is my intention to continue exploring opportunities to connect and share yoga with you, to support your home practice, in person and through distance learning online. Right now, I would like to offer my Savasana Bundle videos (worth £100) to you as part of the Magic of SAVASANA online course (starting 27 April). A three-part online course on defining, understanding, practising 7 variations of SAVASANA for therapeutic applications.

If you are interested in some in-depth practice and learning of Somatic Movement and Restorative yoga at a cellular level, I have also carefully designed a three-part online course, on Cellular Restoration (starting 15 May). This is a key section on the Advanced Relax and Restore (Level 2 Intensive) I offer. Read more...

I hope this reaches you in ways to continue inspire your dedicated home practice. Know that I am here practising at home with you. Meanwhile, please join me next Tuesday 21 April (2:30pm BST), where we will have another Live conversation on How What Why Which When... Savasana, and more excitingly a collective Savasana moment in community. 🎉😌 Please invite friends and family along!

Please connect with me via these channels for varying inspiration and communication.

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