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Just lie down. Take REST.

It is a disconserting time around us at present. Without mentioning the word here, the situation has escalated in many cities and countries, affecting lives of our community and the world at large. As much as we are taking careful precautions and hygiene, I believe that it is of utmost importance to care for personal health and maintain strong immunity. To drink lots of fluids, sleep well, have more Vit. C fruits and REST well. Mental health and positivity is just as important. To take perspective and TRUST that we are all doing the best we can and know to manage within this trying situation.

When I noticed the presence of increased tension physically and mentally, I am consciously choosing empathy, love and care to self and others. I am taking refuge in my yoga. This is a practice that connects us within, to establish harmony and health for our physical, emotional and mental well being. I trust you agree that we need our practice now more than ever.

I want to support our community, I want to support and encourage you to continue your practice at home. I have observed a significant reduced attendance at yoga studios since, and appreciate that some of us are choosing to work from home, or stay home mostly to protect ourselves and others. I want to encourage you to continue your practice from home, to prioritise your Restorative and Rest practice for emotional and mental balance as much as physical and physiological health. It is when we are well rested, well nourished that we maintain our immunity for optimal functioning, and this includes emotional and mental resilience towards adversity. This is a responsibility to ourselves, and to others around us.

Therefore I am offering this FREE Practice: Settling audio guide (6 mins extract from one of my recent class recording) with the intention to inspire settling into your practice. Start today, start now! I would also like to extend a 50% discount (Code: Restnow) valid till 15 April, on all my online Relax and Restore Series to support your health and REST from home.

It is time to PAUSE. Keep calm and REST WELL!

​🙏 Adelene.

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