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Saying 'No' is a complete sentence.

Happy Spring time! ☀️

As I return from my travels, where I was sharing and teaching the art of Rest and Stillness in Seoul, I have been giving myself some time and space to reset.

These past few years have been a time where I was observing and assessing how to manage my energy, time, resources, therefore interactions and relationship with self and others. Travelling to teach on workshops and retreats takes me out of my typical London schedule, and more often out of my familiar environment. There are changes and adaptations needed along the way. Am aware that I will be away from my London-based students, family and friends, whilst potentially meeting new students and acquaintances. It's a joy to me when there is balance of regularity and adventures! 😊

Personally, it has been in the noticing and allowing the smallest shifts that supported my growth and sustainability. Where I would check in with myself, and notice my energy level each day in each moment. Where I negotiate and protect my boundaries as to where I prioritise my time. Where I commit to self care and nourishment, through movement, Rest and silence. Where I allow myself to kindly say 'No' when I feel depletion setting in.

' 'No' is a complete sentence. ' once said by my teacher, Judith H. Lasater.

This is a balancing act with intention. It is commitment without being compromised. It is a continuing recalibration for equilibrium with sensitivity. A small step in the direction of health and joy is enough. This is a process, a quiet reflective process of observing and noticing, a practice of being aware and Awareness itself.

Questions for Reflection:

  • What is one thing in your life right now that depletes you (and does not give you joy)? What would be an acceptable option to depart, or taking a small step 5% to move in the opposite direction of depletion?

  • What is one thing you would like more of in your life right now (that is nourishing and joyful)? Consider how you may get 5% closer to this.

​Hope this inspire your reflection on where and how you prioritise towards health and joy in life! See you on the mat soon. 🙏🏼

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