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Welcome 2018!

Happy New Year!

My New Year resolution is... to serve!

Teaching and sharing yoga is an act of service. I continue to practice, to study, to train and self-develop in yoga, to live yoga, and to serve all sentient beings (me included).

In supporting you on and off the mat, we'll start the year with a series of Back Care workshops in London, from Upper Back, Neck and Shoulder, to Lower Back Care, and a day long Yoga for Scoliosis Introductory workshop.

Happy to be returning in February to support the sangha in Belgium in offering a weekend of workshops, themes include scoliosis, tension release, rest and sleep, followed by the Relax and Restore Immersion (30 hrs). London Relax and Restore Immersion in June.

For those awaiting the Yoga for Scoliosis Fundamentals, which is designed to support those living with scoliosis, come and explore first hand a 30 hours intensive study and practice this March.

  • learn to practice safely and respectfully

  • Musculoskeletal Re-education Model (MRM)

  • Intelligent Movement Principles

  • understand the complexity of the condition

  • experience this non-invasive sustainable approach

(Teachers, therapists and professionals who are interested in working with this condition are also welcome.)

Finally, it is my believe that only we ourselves are responsible to make a commitment and take action! I have booked my retreat months ago. Don't wait. Plan your annual yoga retreat, an important and essential me-time, to be extracted from our daily responsibilities and commitments for a week. Lizzie Lasater and I welcome you to join us on our annual Moving Into Stillness Retreat this Spring May in magical Santillan, Andalusia Spain.

See you on the mat!

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