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Why do we practice yoga?

Do we practice to eradicate pain and discomfort?

Do we practice for health and optimal living?

Do we practice for liberation and to reduce sufferings?

For now, in reflection of my asana and meditation practice, as I observe more attentively, the body response through sensation from moment to moment. When there is absence of unconscious reactiveness to these sensations, the most unpredictable experience often prevail. In each asana and movement exploration, if I sense and feel from dense to sparse, from rigid to malleable, from tight to spacious, from solid to fluid, etc. the vast spectrum of experience was telling of my life, expressed through sensation in my physical body. It's all connected, as we called it, a psychosomatic experience. If this is true, that sensation is impermanent and therefore changes from moment to moment, then how and why does pain becomes 'chronic'. Does it not go away after some time? There maybe a clue to the nature and story of Chronic symptoms.

Let's make this more concrete, when I sense into the skin boundary and the contents of my body, the fluids and blood circulation, the musculature and soft tissues, the bones and organs, part by part, cluster by cluster, I often notice sensation changing and shifting in response to each inhalation or exhalation. Where there is pre-existing distortion and imbalance tension held due to experiences in the past, the body takes account of the slightest disharmony. And where visceral organs are concerned, they may be over-toned or under-toned, tight or flaccid, therefore inhibit optimal function and support for a healthy lifestyle. What and how do we take a more organic approach to practice? (Organic Asana)

This practice and approach requires radical humility, the willingness to step forth into the unknown territory. Are you willing and ready?

Questions for reflection / practice:

Why, when or how does pain becomes 'chronic'? What is the underlying story?

What would your asana practice look like to move through the fluids in the body, and to move from the organs? Try lying down in a comfortable position, and bring your awareness to each organ in your body.

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